The Blind Ones are closely related to the Flesh-eaters. After the defeat at the hands of Tal’Set, some of the Flesh-eaters fled into the Araissian Mountains. Many others, however ventured deeper underground, and sealed themselves off from the world above almost completely. As the centuries passed, those that chose to stay underground changed. Their skin grew translucent, and eventually their eyes disappeared entirely. Their other senses, however, grew extremely keen. The Blind ones can hear the sound of a beating heart a hundred yards away – and can smell the blood of an intruder from even farther. The blind Ones can even detect the most faint vibrations made a person or creature, making them extremely difficult to avoid.

Though the Blind Ones lack the flare for fancy weaponry and armor that the Flesh-eaters possess, they do have their own technology. Their weaponry is crude compared to that of the the surface dwellers, they do manage to scavenge arms on occasion from the victims they snatch from the surface. Most of the Blind Ones’ technology deals with digging and expanding the network of tunnels that they inhabit beneath the surface. The Blind Ones build homes and support structures beneath the surface, and have created vast underground fungi gardens as well.

The blind ones are not alone in their haven beneath the surface. Over the course of time, they have discovered other underground terrors. Some of these vile creatures have been domesticated by the Blind Ones, while still others are feared even by them.

While food is abundant beneath the surface in the form of fungi, insects, and blind cave fish, the Blind Ones still have a taste for warm flesh. The Blind Ones have created a series of passageways leading to the surface. Though the Blind Ones never venture out of the safety of their tunnels, they do hunt unsuspecting prey from beneath the ground. Together with their Arachnid pets, they strike like trap-door spiders. Springing from beneath false terrain hinged at one side, the Blind Ones pull helpless victims down to their deaths before they have time to utter a sound. They have even been known to dine on the bodies of their Flesh-eater cousins from time to time.