The Dinosoids are genetically engineered dinosaur hybrids.  They are utterly evil and extraordinarily dangerous.  Their ferocity is matched only by their capacity to inflict suffering and death upon the weak.  The dinosoids share the velociraptor's hatred of Turok, and will stop at nothing to see the “Light Burden” ripped from Joshua Fireseed's cold, dead hands.

The Dinosiod troops have been at odds with the Lazarus Concordance, and the line of Turok for centuries untold. The Dinosoids are highly evolved Dinosaurs bent on claiming our world as their own. Now they have joined forces with the Primagen, and they are far more dangerous than ever. In exchange for their loyalty and assistance, the Primagen has bestowed powerful weapons and arcane powers unto the Dinosoid troops that has made them more deadly than ever before. The Dinosoid minions have grown increasingly powerful under the Primagen’s guidance, and have no intention of letting Turok thwart his plans.

Species Edit

Species Name Description
Endtrail Millions of years of evolution have produced the Endtrails. Descendants of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Endtrails are huge, powerfully

built bipeds with a thirst for battle and no concept of mercy. Their huge frames and massive strength are more than enough to rip most opponents apart limb from limb. The Endtrails are the elite of the Dinosoid troops. They attack from a distance with ion gauntlets that fire powerful energy charges or by lobbing energy grenades at you, while up close they attack with powerful claws.

Fireborn The Fireborn are a bizarre Dinosoid species with the unique ability to resist injury by flame. Born of centuries of genetic and magical experimentation, this

unique resistance means that they can pursue Turok through fire or lava without sustaining injury. It is rumored that the blood of these creatures runs as hot as the core of the planet itself. As if a testament to this fact, the footsteps of the Fireborn have been known to set forests ablaze The Fireborn attack with powerful heat projectiles, and are extremely deadly up close.

Raptoid Highly-evolved descendants of the Velociraptor, these ferocious creatures are the mainstay of the Dinosoid army. Fast, sleek, and

extremely violent, they attack with a ferocity that is truly terrifying. Through bio-enhancement, the Raptoid soldiers possess deadly physical abilities. They can leap great distances, and are armed with huge steel gauntlets capable of cutting a human being in half.