"The Hive of the Mantids. The Mantids are an aggresive and extremely intelligent race of insects, that have established a large colony in The Lost Land in recent years. The Mantids are incapable of pity, remorse or kindness. They exist solely to further their own existence. To this end, Primagen has persuaded the Mantids to help free him by promising them to give ripe new worlds to infest. The first world on their list is Earth. Rift gates are being ready to transport an army of Mantid soldiers to your world. Destroying the master computer will render the rift gates useless."

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy three queen embryos. Destroy the master computer. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

History Edit

Turok has dealt with the Mantids before, though not in such great numbers. Little is known about the Mantid race. Their hive is a clue to their nature. Though quite obviously insectiod, the Mantids are quite an advanced race. They arrived in the Lost Land like many of the other races, sucked through a cosmic void when the Lost Land was born. Many of the Mantids have succeeded in escaping the clutches of the Lost Land, though their fate is not known. In the past, the Mantids have always kept to themselves. In a fashion typical of insects, the earth surrounding their hive has been wiped clean of life. Any unlucky creature that the Mantids come across is quickly and efficiently killed and taken to the hive to nourish the community. Theirs is a society based on the greater good. Individuals are of no significance. They do not communicate with outsiders in any way, and though capable of speech and possessing a language, they never speak. It is thought that the Mantids communicate telepathically. This is also how the Concordance theorizes that the Primagen first contacted the Mantids.    

No one is certain how the Primagen convinced the Mantids to aid him in his mission to free himself, but whatever their motives, the Mantids have been growing increasingly aggressive, and have been mobilizing a great army.

Level Description Edit

The Mantids are a bizarre species from a distant world. The hive itself is a blend of high tech areas that smack of an advanced intelligence, and organic ‘secreted’ areas that betray the insect origins of its inhabitants. As the player begins to descend into the bowels of the hive, the surroundings will begin to change dramatically. The sterile, clean lines of the upper levels begins to give way to the organic, humid breeding chambers. The walls here are covered in a strange resin substance, and the scurrying of worker Mantids can be heard constantly. The secreted resin blends with the high tech elements of the architecture, creating bizarre lighting effects, and odd visuals. The deeper the player ventures, the more the environment gives way to the completely organic. By the time the player finds the brooding chambers, the environment has transformed completely.