"The Lair of the Blind Ones. Little is known of this mysterious race. Legends tell of ghostly figures emerging at night from underground, and dragging hapless victims to their doom. Though they do not possess the power of sight, the Blind Ones are hardly helpless. They can hear the beat of a heart and smell the blood of an intruder from a great distance. Attacking with primitive brutality and a lust for warm blood, they have lived for countless centuries deep beneath the surface of The Lost Land.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Seal three thermal vents; trapping the Blind Ones beneath tons of rock. Locate the Energy Totem, and defend it at all costs."

History Edit

Level Description Edit

The Blind Ones are a mysterious and terrifying race. Though closely related to the Flesh-eaters, the Blind ones lack their sophistication and knowledge. Having lost their eyes over the course of millennia, the Blind Ones have no need for lighting systems at all. The level is lit by a number of dramatic natural means. Phosphorescent lichens line many of the tunnels and caverns, casting an eerie green glow. Other areas of the level are lit by the glow of hot lava deep in the bowels of chasms and ravines. The tunnels are natural formations for the most part. However, crude dwellings have been built into the rocks and huge stalactites. When a large group of these dwellings are clustered together, the image of a bizarre city begins to take shape. Throughout the level, the player will encounter tunnels lined with silk. The walls of these odd hallways are littered with the corpses of human victims sucked dry by the giant spiders the Blind Ones keep as pets. The spiders themselves are huge. As large as a small car in some cases. The spiders appear out of dark holes dug out of the rock, or out of silken chambers sculpted among the caverns themselves. There are crude machines at work in portions of the blind ones’ lair. Primitive gears move platforms and bridges connecting portions of the caverns together. Secret passageways can also be discovered, and certain walls may be able to be blown away with explosives.