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Species Name Description

The Hive Soldiers                                                          


Mantid Drone

Drones compose the bulk of the Mantid population. Drones are four-armed warriors armed with heavy blasters and an

aggressive nature. They serve as search-and-destroy units, venturing far from the hive in times of need in order to locate food supplies. Drones are equipped with jet packs that allow them to fly to areas that may otherwise be inaccessible to them. Jet packs allow the Drones to make fast getaways, as well as plan coordinated ambushes

Mantid Soldier These massive, armored behemoths are the single most dangerous members of the Mantid colony. Huge, fast, and extremely dangerous,

the Mantid Soldiers can make short work of even the most dangerous opponent. Their heavy exoskeletons protect the Soldiers from many weapons, making them extremely difficult to kill.

Mantid Worker Worker Mantids are the smallest and least deadly members of the Mantid Colony. Their primary duty is to see to the larvae that are growing

deep within the bowels of the massive hive. Workers will not automatically attack Turok. They are all associated with a brooding chamber. Even if the Worker Mantid is very far away from its associated chamber, it is constantly aware of the chamber’s status. Once Turok has entered a brooding chamber, the disposition of the Workers changes instantly. They become agitated and begin to move more quickly. In this agitated state, the workers whine in a fashion similar to that of a puppy. The pulsing larvae can be seen within special nursing pods built into the chambers. If Turok harms a single larvae, the Workers will go berserk. Now they attack Turok instantly. An enraged shrieking sound can be heard from all directions. Larvae are associated with enemy generators that will flood the chambers with a constant stream of enemies, making them very dangerous places indeed.