"Slaughter by the River of Souls. The River of Souls. The very name strikes fear into the hearts of men.

Nothing that drinks of its water survives. The Lazarus Concordance erected one of the Energy Totems on its banks, and the people of the Lost Land quickly learned that its mysterious Energy could purify the water of the River of Souls. On the very shores of the deadly river, a might city sprang forth. Where once there was but death, life flourished.

The Dinosoid Vanguard has swept through the beautiful city of Araissi as it's campaign of terror rages on. Araissi was once home to a formidable army, but decades of peace and prosperity, saw little need for a large military presence, and it's military forces grew weak.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Destroy two Soul Gates. Legions of the undead have begun pouring through these gates into Araissi, you must find and destroy all of the Soul Gates before the undead can escape into the city. Destroy the three Sisters of Despair. Locate the Energy Totem and defend it at all costs."

History Edit

The River has flowed through the valley since the birth of the Lost Land, its course carved out of the flesh of the earth over Millions of years. As the Lost Land formed and drew into it beasts and cultures from countless worlds across millions of galaxies, many were drawn to its banks in the hopes that its water would nurture and provide for them, as the waters of their home worlds had always done. But the dreams of a life-giving provider ended as the terrible truth about the river became known, and the body count rose. These waters run swift and deep, and carry with them not the life-giving treasure so many sought - but agony and slow death. The water of this river is poisonous to beast and plant alike, its cool liquid brings nothing but a painful and torturous end as it kills slowly from the inside. The few forms of life that the river does support are hideous, evil things.

Through the ages, the river became known as ‘The River of Souls’, in remembrance of the multitudes it has claimed. No one can say why this river, and this river only, carries with it the power to destroy life rather than nurture it, but legend has it that its evil has its origins in the mountain ranges to the east.      

A hundred thousand years ago, the Lazarus Concordance erected the Energy Totems. Though their purpose was to thwart the Primagen’s efforts to free himself of his prison, their existence was a mystery to the peoples of the Lost Land. One of these Energy Totems was erected near the Banks of The River of Souls, a shining wonder to primitive cultures ignorant of its true purpose.     

Shortly after the Energy Totem was erected, it was discovered by members of a wandering tribe (insert Acclaim Comics name for the tribe here). The soil near the totem was covered in soft, green grass, the poison that flowed in the waters of The River of Souls somehow nullified. They quickly learned that the Totem, with its strange, glowing aura, and soothing hum, could purify the waters of the River of Souls with its strange magic. The purified water was not only safe to drink, but helped to heal the sick, gave new vitality to the elderly and infirm, and caused plant life to not only grow at an accelerated rate, but to yield bounties ten times that of ordinary plants. Truly the Totem was a divine gift, and in time this simple band of travelers came to worship it, and settled on the surrounding land.      

As time passed, other travelers happened upon this group, and also settled there under the nourishing glow of the Totem. Eventually, a thriving community emerged - its crops watered by a complex irrigation system that was fed by a great reservoir constructed around the Totem as both a monument and place of worship. Though the River itself was still poison, this community flourished on the very banks where countless multitudes had died.       

The city was carved out of the earth - spreading downward and away from the Great Reservoir. This provided protection from three sides. To the North, the River of Souls provided a deadly Barrier. To the East and West, sheer cliffs provided an impassable barrier. To the South, a massive wall was erected, its gates so large that twenty men were needed to open or close them.     

Turok has learned that a Dinosoid Army has been marching steadily towards this unsuspecting haven, intent on destroying the Energy Totem. Turok races towards the village. As he approaches, his heart sinks. Smoke rises from shattered battlements, and blood stains the ground outside the city walls.

Level Description Edit

This was once a thriving civilization. The architecture in this once proud city is reminiscent of Roman architecture, though it is not without its own unique flair. The buildings are decorated with bright paintings depicting scenes of commerce, celebration, and worship. The Energy Totem itself is depicted many times in the form of carvings, mosaics, and tapestries. The buildings are of a light sandy/white color, with trim of blue, maroon and green. Important structures are decorated with elaborate carvings and ornamental tile. The roads are of brick, with fountains and statues decoration crossroads and the like. A system of canals runs throughout the entire city. Also lined with brick and tile, these canals are perhaps the proudest achievement of a civilization now all but extinct. Though once a place of great beauty and gentle disposition, the tranquility of this place has been shattered by war. Everywhere the player looks, the signs of carnage are evident. Buildings have been devastated by explosions and gunfire. Impact points scorch the once pristine mosaics, and fires smolder and burn throughout the streets. Bloody handprints and drag marks tell the story of a terrible massacre, and here and there a body may be seen lying where it fell. The colorful tiled floors of the Great Halls have been shattered and are smeared with the blood of the dead. This was a slaughter.