Sunfire Pod
Production information
Technical specifications

Sunfire pods are a mystical weapon devised by the ancients. Sunfire pods are smooth, spherical objects made of a substance not unlike polished obsidian. Said to contain the very essence of the Sun itself, these unique weapons have a special set of properties. When thrown outdoors, in a well-lit environment, a Sunfire Pod is useless. In this situation, the Sunfire Pod will explode in a puff, with absolutely no adverse effect on nearby enemies. However, when used in a dark environment, they are exceptionally useful. In a dark environment, the Sunfire Pod will explode with a brilliant white flash. Any enemy within range (that is not immune) will be blinded by the brilliance of the flash for a short time, effectively rendering them helpless and unable to attack. However, the Sunfire Pod has a more sinister effect when used against the legions of the Blind Ones. The Blind Ones have spent so many thousands of years beneath the surface that they have lost their eyes anyway, so being blinded is not a problem. However, another effect of so many centuries beneath the earth is that they have also developed a lethal allergy to sunlightÖ. The same light trapped within the polished black exterior of a Sunfire Pod. If a Sunfire Pod is detonated near a Blind one, it has a rather disgusting effect. If enough damage is done, the flesh of a blind one will be seared black, and they will die screaming with agony as they writhe on the ground. The Sunfire Pod will also effect certain other cave-dwelling enemies in the same way.