"The Death Marshes. The Death Marshes are home to the mighty Purr-Linn, a primitive and brutal race of ape-like creatures. The Purr-Linn regard humans as weak squeaking insects and are deeply resentful of the progress humankind has made as the centuries have come and gone. The Primagen has fooled the Purr-Linn into believing that he will turn The Lost Land over to them, once they have helped free him. Little do the Purr-Linn know that the Primagen intends to wipe them out as soon as Turok is no longer a threat. Through they are unpredictable and untrustworthy, the Primagen has armed the Purr-Linn with a very limited reserve of high-tech weaponry and ammunition.

Your mission objectives are as follows: Rescue five prisoners. Destroy three ammunition storage facilities. Locate the Energy Totem, and defend it at all costs."

History Edit

The Death Marshes. A place as mysterious as it is deadly. Though the Lost Land has existed since the beginning of time itself, none has ever heard of any man venturing into the Marsh ever being seen again. From the outermost edge of the Marshes, the wails of terrible creatures can be heard. The waters of the River of Souls run shallow though the Death Marshes, making certain areas deep with thick, heavy mud. The suffocating stench of death and decay makes the air in the marches foul and nauseating.

Though no one is known to have survived the Death Marshes, legend has it that the of the River of Souls springs from deep within the Araissian Mountains that border the Marshes on the East, and that the secret of its sinister nature can be found somewhere within.

There is only one intelligent species that lives within the Death Marshes. The mighty Pur-linn have inhabited the Marshes for centuries. The foul stench and choking fumes do not seem to bother these hulking brutes. Though the term ‘intelligent’ is used lightly here in reference to the Pur-linn, they do possess a limited social structure, as well as a unique architectural style and a seething hatred towards the ‘soft-ones’, the Pur-linn term for humans or similar humanoid races that they regard as squeaking pests. Though the reason for this animosity is not known, according to the Concordance it is most likely based on jealousy and ignorance. The Pur-linn base their social structure on strength and might, and humans and other such species are regarded as weak and feeble. Despite their physical inferiority, human civilizations in the Lost Land have made the type of social and industrial progress in decades that the Pur-linn have not achieved in centuries. As a result, the Pur-linn have fostered a deep resentment towards humans and their ilk.