A scant billion years after the Big Bang that formed the known universe, one of the earliest races of intelligent beings forger great Lightships in an effort to discover the answers to the mysteries of their existence.

The most daring and brilliant of these beings, the Primagen, was not satisfied with studying bits of shell after the hatching of the cosmic egg. He yearned to behold the hand of God, to witness the dawn of time. He used his chronotron particle research to modify his Lightship for a journey to the Great Beginning.

But the Primagen’s hubris paled before the awe and danger of traveling across the very first event horizon. At the height of the momentous journey, the Lightship’s power core breached. It’s escaping energy made contact with the primordial elements of the cosmos, and created an explosion that hurled the Primagen and his Lightship into the maw of infinity.

From out of the dawn of the universe, a blazing wheel of reality corkscrews into the heart of the space-time continuum. With the Primagen and the lightship at it’s core, this whirling reality gathered bits and pieces of our universe along the way, like a snowball downhill. This flotsam and jetsam coalesces around the lightship, weaving itself into a vast, twisted world. To this day, the Lost Land continues to hurtle across time, existing in all times at once, separated from our reality by a Netherscape sometimes only as thick as a hair’s breadth.


From his semi-conscious state, the Primagen has attempted to reach across the Netherscape, desperately trying to be free of the Lost Land. On our world, humanity has come to realize the danger of the Lost Land’s intrusion, and the mantle of Turok was originated to hold this threat at bay.