Tranquilizer Gun
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Technical specifications

The Tranquilizer Gun provides a non-lethal, but effective means of dispatching enemiesÖ. Temporarily at least. Depending on the number of hit points an enemy has, and whether or not it is immune to the tranquilizer, one or more shots from this weapon can render the enemy unconscious for a time. Once the tranquilizer wears off, however, the enemy will regain consciousness, and harbor a serious grudge! (An enemy that has been tranquilized will awake with an increased aggression threshold setting (see AI Document for more information). The tranquilizer can be a very useful tool for escaping tense situations. It should be noted, however, that the Tranquilizer may not effect every enemy in the game. Some enemies will be almost instantly incapacitated, while others may not be affected by the drug at all. The player will do well to learn which enemies are immune to the Tranquilizer’s effect.

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